White‑collar positions

At Hyundai, we welcome graduates - we'll teach you everything and our experienced colleagues will guide you professionally.
But we can also employ experts with many years of experience who will use their expertise in more demanding projects.

    The minimum requirements for most positions are:

    • An education with a high school diploma
    • Knowledge of English
    • Experience or interest in the field is an advantage

      Thanks to the wide range of activities of the automotive company, people across all disciplines can find work with us - from mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quality control engineers, economists and safety technicians. We also welcome graduates from other disciplines who are interested in joining the automotive world.

        Recruitment process

        • 1.
          You will apply

          You will fill in some information about yourself in the registration form. 

        • 2.
          A quick call

          The recruiter will call you, go over your work history, motivation and explain the job. Be prepared for a few questions in English.

        • 3.
          We will meet

          A personal meeting will also take place with the superior. We will discuss your experience, expectations and give you a more detailed overview of the work and projects. 

          Knowledge and experience are important for most positions, but what is more important to us is your desire to work, your communication skills, your desire to push things further, your ability to come up with ideas and work as part of a team. In the second round, we will then be happy to show you around the workplace and possibly test you further. 

        • 4.
          Your first day at Hyundai

          If everything fits well on both sides, we will give you on offer, agree on the details of the onboarding and look forward to working together. 

        We appreciate good work

        Additional reward up to

        3 bonuses

        Working environment is


        Working hours are


        We work even on

        home office