Blue‑collar positions

Operators are our biggest team. They not only produce the new cars, but also control their quality, ensure logistics and maintenance of the production lines.

They can work in all production shops, i.e. in the Stamping, Welding, Paint and Assembly. Each of them has its own specifics and requirements. 

      Regular positions

      Our production runs from Monday to Friday and we work in three shifts - weekends are free.

      You don't need any previous experience or professional training. You just need a willingness to learn new things, because we will train you within a few weeks.

      Employees join us for regular operator positions through job agencies and only after a certain period of time do they become regular employees. Agency employees have the same salary, bonuses, allowances and most benefits as our employees.

      Recruitment process

      • 1.
        Get in touch with one of our agencies

        You can contact the agency even if we do not have any open positions.

      • 2.
        Meeting with the agency

        At the meeting, you will go through your career, take a skills test, arrange a medical examination and other steps.

      • 3.
        Your first day at Hyundai

        If all goes well, the onset can be quick and you can start in about 2 weeks.

      Specific positions

      This includes, for example, maintenance of lines and technologies, operation of robots, diagnostics and repair of car problems.

      Work in these positions is mostly in continuous mode. We have 12-hour shifts on two or five working days per week.

      You need a technical background and often a qualification in electrical engineering.

      Recruitment process

      • 1.
        You will apply

        Once we've checked your CV, we'll get back to you with next steps.

      • 2.
        A quick call

        It will be a short phone call to clarify expectations.

      • 3.
        We will meet

        After the phone appointment, you will have one personal meeting with the HR representative and the head of the workplace. It will also include verification of basic technical knowledge and a skills test.

      • 4.
        Your first day at Hyundai

        If everything goes well on both sides, we will agree on the details of the onboarding and look forward to working together.


      We are not currently looking for anyone for these positions.

      Leave us your contact details and we will let you know as soon as there is a position available for you.

      We appreciate good work

      We'll get you to work

      for free

      For attendance you'll get


      You have

      cheap meal

      For overtimes you'll receive

      extra pay