Kick‑start your career

High school students

You will grow at Hyundai

Fresh out of high school, you can start on one of our blue-collar or assistant positions and work your way up over time.

It takes time to work your way up, and it requires hard work, determination, and patience. Our colleagues in the video are proof of that.

We appreciate good work

We reward up to

3 extra salaries per year

Every year we increase

salaries and bonuses

You get a minimum of

5 weeks holiday

We will contribute

to your Hyundai car


We are not currently looking for anyone for these positions.

Leave us your contact details and we will let you know as soon as there is a position available for you.

Interested in a more specialized position?

If you meet higher requirements, you can also try one of our junior positions:

View white‑collar positions
  • You feel confident in your expertise
  • You are not afraid to communicate
  • You speak English
  • You have a secondary school education with a high school diploma
  • Experience in the field can be an advantage
View white‑collar positions

Under the hood of Hyundai

Testing cars

Honza will tell you how cars are tested.

Women in Hyundai

Women have a strong place in our company.

How's it going at Maintenance?

Krystof loves machines and robots, it is his job and hobby.