We care about health

A health center at your service

Thanks to our own Health Centre, we have free availability of:

  1. Preventive rehabilitation packages
  2. Examination by a rehabilitation doctor followed by physiotherapy
  3. Fitness including guided lessons (morning fitness, boxing, yoga, cardio or circuit training)
  4. Nutrition counselling including measurements on the InBody device
  5. Massage or acupressure


We train all colleagues on the line and in the office in ergonomics on entry.

Psychological counselling

Our psychologist and coach in one person is avilable for you at any time. 

Focusing on prevention

Thanks to prevention, we can keep us in shape all year round:

  1. We have our own medical center which is open nonstop during the working week.
  2. We offer and subsidize vaccination against influenza or tick-borne encephalitis.
  3. Twice a year during Health Months we educate in different areas - cancer prevention, mental health, healthy hands or feet.
  4. In addition to lectures, we also offer free preventive examinations.

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