Our employees' stories

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Renata Zjavková

Operator in Transmission Department
Joined HMMC on June 28, 2010

„I take the life as it comes.“

When I received an offer to work in HMMC I was still on maternity leave. However the work impressed me so much that I immediately said yes. I love working in a team and learning new things. And I saw all of that in this opportunity. Now I have been with the company for more than five years and I do not consider any changes. In HMMC I have everything I want and need.

Regarding the Transmission Department people usually think that it is predominantly a robotized hall, but currently I handle four positions in which I am responsible for assembly of different parts of the transmission gear. From the physical perspective the work in this hall is hard for a woman but I manage everything and I also enjoy the work. What motivates me is that in case of any problems our team can handle it to 100%. I consider the most important to work responsibly and efficiently. Every day I leave the plant with a clear head and I am heading toward my family and husband who are the most important persons in my life.

Renata Zjavková - HMMC

Petr Michalec

Operator in Welding Department
Joined HMMC on November 1, 2012 as an agency employee
Transferred to the company staff on August 10, 2015

„I Always do my best.“

I was apprenticed to be a tinsmith and before I joined HMMC the start of my career was somewhat contradictory. I started working in various warehouses; I worked outside in cold and generally got miserable money. Slowly I started blame myself for not being better at school and continuing to study.

I learned about job vacancies in Hyundai from my friends. I called employment agency and set the date of the interview. As my job was very close to the metal sheets, I got an offer to work in Welding Department where I have been working ever since. When I compare my current work with the previous work in the warehouse, it is like chalk and cheese.

I am also glad that this year I succeeded to get to the company permanent employee list. I was accepted because I do what I am to do and I try to do my best. Currently I am working in a three-member team and my responsibility is to monitor and set the robot welding the wheel arches. Before this work I inserted the parts.

I do not consider changing anything now, the time will show. At present the main objective for me is to secure the family because we are going to have a baby.

Petr Michalec - HMMC

Jiří Hubík

Shift Leader in Assembly Department
Joined HMMC on January 9, 2012

„Well done is always better than well said.“

I have been working in HMMC since January 2012, and need to say that since that time my professional development has made a great leap forward. Above all it was thanks to the conditions that the work in HMMC allows. One of which being an intensive training program implemented by the company.

My work satisfies me incredibly, and almost every day I face new challenges. I have an opportunity to work with a lot of great people, which enriches me and shifts me constantly forward.

The work also reflects my interest in technology and vehicles.

In a relatively short period of time I assumed a Shift Leader post in Assembly, and even though the work is really hard, I enjoy it. Now I am responsible for continuous production of the whole shift and for meeting production objectives. Among others, my responsibilities include reporting of quality issues and performing the tasks assigned to us by our management.

The conditions in the company allow me to use positive thinking and to fulfil the need for self-realization. The fact, that every day I look forward to going to work, has also a positive impact on my personal life. Under these circumstances it is a great joy to go to work and I wish everybody to experience the same.

Jiří Hubík - HMMC