organization structure

Lukáš Bordovský

Lukáš Bordovský

Head of department

The main objective is to increase the productivity and meet our mid-to-long term strategy. Supply chain management, as a whole, meets the delivery du time through optimized production plan which reflects various facts.

Effective planning, organization, pilot projects management, warehouse management and logistics, implementation of innovative solutions and procedures in the automotive and transmission process in HMMC.

Section Roles and Responsibilities
Production Planning
  • Creating of long-term and short-term production plans for cars and transmissons
  • Creating an optimal production sequence with respect to bottlenecks in production
  • Management of pilot and test phases of new projects
  • Management of smooth production process on the lines
Specification Control
  • Systematic application of design changes to production
  • BOM and production instructions for Assembly
  • Checking the specifications and structure of the car parts
Logistics & Innovations
  • Management and control of materiál and parts order proces within the EU
  • Management of storage, administration and analysis of data
  • Control and optimalization of logistic flow
  • Implementation of innovative solutions and procedures across production processes
Global Parts Management
  • Management and control of material and parts order proces outside the EU
  • Optimalization and management of parts supply according to production plan
  • Management of storage and logistics at the Transmission
  • Management of the containertransport and container transshipment at HMMC
  • Export of the transmissions to customers