organization structure

Petr Tomis

Petr Tomis

Head of Department
Maintenance 1
(Stamping, Welding, Transmission)
Miroslav Balšánek

Miroslav Balšánek

Head of Department
Maintenance 2
(Paint, Assembly, Technical Support)

Our ultimate objective is to ensure equipment quality and train prestigious maintenance personnel by building highly competitive maintenance system in order to achieve minimum downtime, maximum maintenance ability and minimum cost.

Sections Roles and Responsibilities
  • Stamping
  • Welding
  • Paint
  • Assembly
  • Transmission
Maintenance and Extension of Equipment Lifetime
  • Proactive activities to prevent failures and defects
  • Handling defects and failures
  • Maintenance
  • Prevention and maintenance
Other Activities
  • Material and stock management
  • Development of skills and cabilities
  • Elimination of issue root causes and prevention
  • Maintenance budget
  • Technical Support
  • Performance of specialized inspections of production equipment
  • Maintenance staff training
  • Performance of preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring of new technologies
  • Cooperation with other sections of maintenance department