organization structure

Department helps employees to improve their working environment, especially by cleaning and office equipment including greenery. Provides corporate property management, catering and fleet management. He is also responsible for security and other general services for employees.

Sections Roles and Responsibilities
General Support
  • Corporate fleet management
  • Support for business trips and related matters (tickets, hotels, diets, etc.)
  • Landline and cell phones management
  • Planning and managing corporate events and sports activities
  • Management of the accommodation and property of the company
  • Management of the corporate data mailbox
  • Setting up corporate security policy
  • Management of company security and employee controls
  • Working with the security system (ID Cards, Entrances, CCTV)
  • Administrative support for TOP management
Working Environment
  • Operation of the Czech and Korean canteens
  • Ordering system
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Distribution of working clothes
  • Furniture and office equipment ,renovation, new projects
  • Orders for protective equipment
  • Property management
  • Flower service
  • Books and magazines
  • Revision and repair of small electrical equipment
  • Document archive
  • Decorative and Environmental projects