organization structure

Kamil Kolařík

Kamil Kolařík

Head of department

We are responsible for accounting and taxation pursuant to Czech law. Our objective is optimization of funding for HMMC, avoiding financial risks and maximization of profit for HMMC.

We are also responsible for activities connected with expenses and costs, and we also provide consultancy to other departments and control of their activities connected with revenues increase, cost reduction and productivity improvements.

Sections Roles and Responsibilities
Financial Accounting
  • Bookkeeping and on time books closing
  • Consolidation of books with the headquarters
  • Accounting audit process
  • Management of long-term assets
  • Generation of accounting guidelines and procedures
Cost Management
  • Reality/plan of revenues, cost and profit
  • Regular analysis and performance reporting
  • Analysis of profitability and feasibility of decisions
  • Ad-hoc analyses
Cost Analysis
  • Product quotations
  • Analysis of material stock, work-in-progress and final products