how to proceed

How can I apply for a job at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.?

Check out the current list of vacancies. If you are interested in any of them, please fill in the application form and attach your CV in Czech or English. We will review your CV, and if you meet our requirements, we will contact you by phone.

If you are looking for a job in production, please contact employment agencies, where you will be provided further information.

Certain specific positions in production (maintenance, quality, stamping shop) are filled without employment agencies. These are always included in an updated vacancy list. In such case contact us directly registration form.



Registration in the database shall always be made via a link in registration form, please do not forget attach your CV in Czech and English.


If your registration proceeds in order, you will receive an e-mail reply with registration confirmation and further procedure. If you meet our requirements for the given position, we will contact you by phone.


Upon processing your application we will call you to discuss your CV and given position. In particular we are interested in your experience, English language command and motivation why you want to join us. Consequently we will be happy to answer your questions.


Based on a telephone interview and assessment processed by respective department we will invite you to a personal interview. Here you will meet an HR representative and a leader of respective department. Selection process is conducted as a behavioural interview. Our objective is to get to know you as much as possible.


The result of selection process will be delivered to you by ten working days. You will be informed, if you succeeded in selection process, and potentially you will receive a job offer from us.


In case you like our offer and decide to accept it, then what remains is to agree on the date of signing your contract and subsequent administrative steps, such as medical examination and on job training.


Tenders for operators

Operator positions are filled several times a month, with the exception of positions in stamping shop, maintenance and quality.


The tenders are processed by personal agencies that will explain all details to you. Currently we cooperate with Ascari, Max-People and Comac Jobs agencies. The contacts can be found bellow.


If you meet our general requirements, the agency will contact you and you will discuss further steps.


The agency will provide you information on individual work stations, job content, wages, benefits and other important requisites. Subsequently you will take either a manual dexterity test or a colour vision test (painting shop).


In conclusion you will have an interview with an agency representative and together you will discuss possible hiring date.


If you agree, it remains only to set the date of signing your contract, date of medical examination and subsequent administrative steps.


You do not need to be experienced in the production; the main hiring conditions are dexterity, ability to learn and responsibility. We will teach you the rest. First you will learn what to do, and then you will continue under the supervision of more experienced colleagues.

Specific operator positions (maintenance, quality control, stamping shop).

Tenders for these positions are conducted in our company by an HR representative. The applicants who have the best profiles to meet our requirements will be invited to personal interviews. Together we will spend about an hour and half on logical thinking, attention keeping and manual dexterity tests. In conclusion, you will meet a department representative and together we will discuss your practical experience, motivation and success stories. The result of the tender will be delivered to you by ten working days

Are you interested in operators’ positions? Please contact the following employment agencies:
ASCARI s.r.o. Occupies a position in the Assembly, Paint, Transmission and Welding Departments.

Address: Kapitána Vajdy 3046/2, 700 30 Ostrava-Zábřeh
Tel: +420 734 360 883

MAX PEOPLE s.r.o. Occupies a position in the Paint Department.

Address: Českobratrská 2227/7, 702 00 Ostrava-Moravská
Tel: +420 605 165 695

Comac Jobs s.r.o. Occupies a position in the Assembly.

Address: Janáčkova 16, 702 00 Ostrava
Tel: +420 601 188 107

The most frequent questions

How to prepare for recruitment tender? Please arrive in time and in adequate clothes. What can increase your chance to be hired is a thorough preparation. However, equally significant is your personality and attitude. Be yourself.

I did not find any adequate position. Never mind. Send us your CV along with a covering letter via our registration form on our home page. We will include you into a database of job seekers, and once we have an appropriate open position for you, we will contact you.

Is there any difference between agency workers and permanent employees? The main difference is in the contract, which is concluded with the agency for an agency employee and he is assigned to the company to perform certain work, while the permanent employees belongs to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech sro. Agency and permanent employees have the same working conditions, on job training, pay and interesting benefits (financial bonuses, contribution to bus transport, holiday above the legal framework, contribution to meals, operative leasing to purchase a new car, etc.)

Is there an option for an agency worker to become a permanent employee? Yes, transfers to the permanent staff are carried on regular basis with several conditions to be met. Your next transfer can take place at the earliest after one year of work in our company. During the decision making process we put emphasis in particular on good attendance, assessment and recommendation provided by the supervisor.

I have not found answer to my question, whom can I contact? If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to use the contacts below. We will be very happy to assist you.

Blue line: 844 111 157