Why join us?

Because we know how to remunerate well done job

Reward up to
three extra pays

  • Performance Bonus. Based on performance results you can achieve a bonus up to 150% of the base pay. We know how to remunerate a good job.
  • Production Plan Performance Bonus. If the production plan is achieved, we will pay you a bonus up to 157 % of the basic wage.
  • Semi-annual Bonus. Before company holiday we will pay you a bonus in the amount up to 65% of the base pay. Enjoy your holiday.
  • Annual Bonus. Before Christmas we will also pay you a bonus of up to 50% of the base pay. You can use it for Christmas shopping.
  • Bonuses above the Statutory Framework. Weekend and overnight work is subject to bonuses above the statutory framework. We know pretty well how hard the work is.
  • Overtime Bonus. Overtimes or overtime shift outside the working calendar is subject to a monetary remuneration paid in the next pay.
  • Loyalty Bonus. After five years of your loyal work we will grant you a non-monetary remuneration. We know how to appreciate loyalty.
  • Gift Voucher. We notice your work so for successful projects or exellent work performance you will receive a gift voucher.
  • Improvement proposals N changer. We appreciate your idea of improvement, that is why we pay you a percent award according to savings of proposal or material price.
  • Employee of the Year. In January we announce the best employees for the past year. The best employees receive monetary remunerations.

We contribute
and offer discounts

  • Canteen Meals. In company we have six dining canteens. You can choose from five Czech meals, vegetable plate (Healthy Trend), semi-Korean and Korean meals. The menu price is from 25 to 45 CZK. You can also choose from variety of small refreshments of beverages offered in the canteens.
  • Transport. We contribute 100% for the bus transport to HMMC. Plus, you will get from us a one-time contribution for the weekend shift when the transport is not organized.
  • Pension Insurance. We will contribute to your pension insurance up to 9600 CZK per year. We think about the future with You.
  • Life Insurance. You will be granted a contribution up to 9600 CZK per year in case you have life insurance.
  • Allowance to pension. Depended on working years in HMMC you will get an allowance when you will be leaving to pension.
  • Language Courses. Do you want to improve your language skills? We also contribute to online courses or external English courses in any language school.
  • Own Hyundai. We will contribute you to purchase a new car (leasing, purchase). Thanks to the employment contract, which you have with our company, you can also receive a contribution to buy a used car from the management car fleet.
  • Cheap Calls. We offer you and your family a reduced tariff for up to five SIM cards.
  • Further Benefits. As our employees you can also take advantage of discounts on goods and services with selected partners (e.g. theatre tickets, hotels, etc.).

... More benefits
and services for you

  • Flexible working hours. Do you need to take care of something in the morning or pick up kids from the nursery earlier? We have recently introduced flexible working hours that you can use. The fixed part is from 9:00 to 13:00.
  • Home office. Would you like to work from home? You can. Now, it is possible to use the home office benefit once a week if you agree with your manager and your work allows it.
  • Medical Centre. Our Medical Centre is open 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Health of our employees is on the first place.
  • Health Center. All HMMC employees can use for free:
    • Preventive and individual rehabilitation even during working hours
    • Individual and group lessons of fitness, yoga, circuit training, pilates or meditation under the guidance of an experienced trainer and instructor
    • Health days, ie regular events focusing on health education, physical health, disease, etc.
  • Psychological counseling. Employees can also use internal psychologist services during work-time as part of personal-work counseling or their personal development.
  • Legal and Tax Consultancy. If you need legal or tax advice, you can use it for free.
  • Sports. In your leisure time you can use the company football field. We also organize or we are partner of various sport´s events in region.
  • Culture. Since 2010 we have been organizing day for our employees, their families and local people. On Hyundai Family Day you can enjoy a variety of attractions, entertainment and plant tour. Refreshment for employees is free of charge.
  • Cleaner‘s. In company you can use dry cleaner in discounted rate.

up to five weeks

We want you to relax properly and therefore we grant you five weeks of holiday from the start of your employment in our company. After 7 years we will give you another 1 day extra holiday. And one more good news. Not only we will give you one-half higher pay so you can enjoy your holiday much more, furthermore you can use year-round discounts with major travel agencies. The discounts range between 2–30% and apply also for your family.